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Infrastructure Specifications

As stake pool operators, we run multiple dedicated servers configured to work together locally and in the cloud, providing an extra layer of security. Every instance is behind a firewall configured only to accept connections within the infrastructure, and any sensitive data generated by the system is later saved in cold storage. This system is not connected to the internet.

Our server instances are constantly evolving to keep up with the network requirements, but these are generally the specification that we run at a minimum:

  • Operating System: Linux Ubuntu
  • CPU Cores: 8 - 12 Cores
  • RAM: 32 GB RAM
  • Storage: NVMe (High Performance Storage)
  • Firewall: UFW, Mikrotik 3011
  • Connection speed between 600 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s

Delegating your ada is entirely safe. Your tokens will never leave your wallet, and you keep complete control over your tokens while these are staked.

Cardano requires a deposit fee of 2 ADA to register your wallet address and start staking. These tokens are deposited back when you stop staking.

Rewards are distributed by cycles called "epochs, " each lasting for five days. When you start staking, you will have to wait for two epochs for your wallet to be registered and accepted by the network. On the third epoch, your stake is now active and contributing to the stake pool. In the fourth epoch, the rewards are calculated based on the stake and block produced in previous cycles and these are paid at the beginning of the next cycle. The initial time usually takes 15 - 20 days to start receiving rewards, and afterward, on each epoch, if the pool validated and produced blocks during the cycle.

Rewards are based on the network parameters like the number of tokens participating and the number of delegators in the stake pool. You can use the Cardano Staking Calculator and estimate your rewards under current conditions.

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