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Power of NFTs

Transforming Creation, Commerce, and Traceability

REST API for NFT Creation and IPFS Storage - It's Your Creativity

Start immersing yourself in the world of NFTs today with our powerful platform that seamlessly integrates with the Cardano network. Rest assured, your creations will be securely stored and easily accessible in our IPFS nodes.

Brand Guard QR - Upgrading Supply Chains with NFTs

Build customer trust and loyalty by leveraging NFTs to verify the origin and history of your products. Seamlessly integrated with your WooCommerce store, it provides a simple solution to track the ownership and movement of goods throughout your supply chain.

Bak Bridge - Transform digital assets into NFTs

Bak Bridge is a drop-in module for your users to preload, create and mint Cardano native tokens. Bak Bridge handles authentication, asset validation, collection configuration and error handling.

Open Source Development

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Blockchain To Every Business

At our core, we're on a mission to provide Developers and Digital Content Managers with a fast, secure, and low-cost solution for minting crypto assets on the Cardano Network. Whether you're looking to create unique digital content or powerful crypto assets, we're here to help you bring your vision to life. Join us today and experience the power of our cutting-edge minting service for yourself!

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  • Unlimited Assets
    * Up to 300 assets per request
  • Collections & Native Tokens
  • File storage (25Mb per file) up to 1Gb
  • Customer Support
  • IPFS Local & External Pin
  • CDN Service & Backups
  • Integration Support
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  • Unlimited Assets
    * Up to 300 assets per request
  • Collections & Native Tokens
  • Files (Unlimited) and Dedicated Storage
  • Customer Support
  • IPFS Local & External Pin
  • CDN & Media Backups
  • Integration Support
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